Mains Plug and Socket Protector IP44 Waterproof Rating

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There are often instances where you have no choice but to connect mains appliances out in poor weather. Sure, yourappliance might be weatherproof, but you need to protect the mains plug and socket from the weather too. This brilliant enclosure safely encapsulates a mains plug and socket connection (say from an extension lead to a mains powered appliance), to ensure no water gets into the connection. It not only stops a short circuit that will trigger your circuit breaker, it prevents accidental electrocution from water ingress. Of course, in good weather it still prevents accidental disconnection and damage to the mains plug and socket.

– Protects Mains Plug and Socket
– IP44 Waterproof Rating
– Heavy Duty

Suitable Cable: 6.5mm – 9.0mm Diameter
Weight: 165g
Dimensions: 251(W) x 76(H) x 85(D)mm



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