CablePro is an online/retailer based in Kingsgrove, Sydney. We specialize in security cables, data cables, electrical cables, server racks and all other electrical accessories.


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“Im really happy with the cable quality. I have used a lot of brands over the years; some brands have overly thick outer jackets with too much air between cores, making them overly thick; other stuff snaps like dead grass. So, the little things matter, especially when cable is the nervous system of the installation.

Hunter Riley

A CablePro staff member has provided exceptional service way above and beyond any thing I could have expected. I have never been treated with such courtesy and willingness to help. I have only the highest praise for this gentleman.

Kay Schulz

These guys are super efficient and easy to do business with. Every price I threw at them they were able to beat or match. On some lines they were half the price of comepetitors!! Thanks Cable Pro…..

Rohan Stewart

Been using Cablepro for a while now, great customer service and great products. Highly recommended!

Steve Lembidakis